Drive Clean Makes Temporary Changes to Help Car Owners and Sellers

Drive Clean began using a new on-board diagnostic test on most light-duty vehicles on January 1, 2013.
While the vast majority of vehicles are successfully completing the new test, some are having problems getting ready for the test even after going through a drive cycle.

We don’t want to delay owners from getting their licence plate stickers while we work to resolve readiness issues.

As a result, we’ve developed interim measures to get you driving again.

readiness conditional pass may be issued for registration renewal after two not ready tests.

To qualify, you must meet all of the casino online following:

  • 24 hours or more have passed between each test
  • vehicle has been driven at least 30 kilometres between the tests
  • battery has not been disconnected and the OBD codes have not been cleared in the last 30 km of driving
  • number of “not ready” monitors has not increased.

We have also set up a solution for people who want to sell their vehicles.  If they meet the requirements for a readiness conditional pass, and the vehicle passes a tailpipe test, the car will be certified for sale.

Source: Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment